Travel abroad? Be fully vaccinated

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Regardless about what people might or might not feel about travel only if you have been fully vaccinated, that is becoming the way of the world.

Frankfurt Roman Square. Mrs merkel suggested that double vaccinated Britons could travel to Germany soon.

On July 1st, a British overseas territory – Anguilla – announced that it would only allow people in who had been fully vaccinated three weeks before their arrival in the territory. Anyone else other than young children accompanied by fully vaccinated parents can forget it.

Even having been fully vaccinated may not help given the concern of some countries with the increasing delta variant cases in the UK.

But without a double vaccination what are your chances of going abroad?

The EU has decided that you can travel with a vaccination, a negative test or confirmation that you have recovered from COVID.

But the 27 countries in the EU can add criteria for entry on top of the EU requirements. And that is what is happening. Malta and Portugal insist you have had both jabs in order to gain entry.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was in London yesterday and gave hope that those Britons wanting to travel to Germany will be able to do so in the foreseeable future without quarantining providing they have had both jabs!

That single statement from someone who was pushing for a no entry policy to EU countries from British travellers just a few days ago is the most important travel comment to come out this week. It is likely that at least some other EU nations will follow her line.

On the other hand, Belgium still bans entry to anyone who has been in the UK during the fourteen days prior to travelling to the country.

But just about every country in the world is watching the UK and how a well vaccinated country handles an upsurge in delta variant cases. So far, those needing hospital cases are low as are the number of deaths.

As cases continue to rise yet deaths and hospitalisations remain low, the economic and health value of vaccinations is more likely to allow travel for those fully vaccinated. But that comes with one big proviso; that the destinations that are visited have also vaccinated a very high number of people. Why? Because we still don’t know if people that have been fully vaccinated can be carrying the virus and could pass it on.

The conclusion must be that travel to some places way behind in vaccination rates will take a lot longer.

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