First Hancock, now business travellers

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One of the reasons Matt Hancock had to resign as Health Secretary was because he broke his own rules about meeting up with people and distancing.

one rule for big bosses and one rule for the rest of us. © Dan Sperrin

Forget the clinch with a wife who wasn’t his wife. I’m prepared to say that was a private affair.

But to tell us one thing given all that we have had to face over COVID-19 and then to then not practice it himself is insulting to all of us who have followed the rules. The governments, wherever they are, have been quick to condemn others who break the rules.

Now we have another incident in the making.

We are told we can’t travel to amber list countries without quarantining yet the British government has said that big business bosses can enter the UK without needing to quarantine even if coming from amber list destinations.

But the government says, it will only be in exceptional circumstances. Do we ordinary mortals believe this?

Maybe big business bosses can’t catch COVID or pass it on?

Of course it isn’t.

So why shouldn’t they be treated like everyone else? Can’t they use Zoom or Skype or one of the other video conferencing amenities?

The argument used by government is that big bosses are likely to bring a significant economic benefit to the UK. The Institute of Directors and the Federation of Small Businesses disagree. They say that small and medium-sized businesses will be important.

It doesn’t matter what they think.

What does matter is that the rules say that everyone coming from amber list countries should self-isolate so why should there be any exceptions? You might argue that a double jabbed person could be allowed in without quarantining but that isn’t what the government is saying. If it changes its mind and agrees to this then all of us who are double jabbed should be allowed not to quarantine.

This government announcement will be ridiculed – and easily ridiculed – by those who think it unfair. It is It reminds us of all those poer players who thinks that rules don’t apply to them.

Yesterday the Australian deputy prime minister was fined for not wearing a mask when he went to a garage to refill his fuel tank. His being fined suggests it is one rule for everyone

The same should happen here

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