Scots. Stay away from Manchester

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I’m fascinated by the decision of the Scottish government to ban Scots from going to the Manchester/Salford area due to an increase in the delta variant there.

Nicola Sturgeon says Scots mustn’t go to Manchester and Salford. Image – Scottish Government

Fascinated because I cannot see how it will be enforced.

Are Nicola and her trusty cabinet colleagues going to vet all those heading down the M6 and swear that they are not going anywhere near the north west of England? Will she seek to access the cameras on motorways to track number plates heading to Manchester in which case she can whistle because there is no way the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, or whoever has legal access to the footage is going to let her see them.

Maybe she will place a tracker on satnav systems so she knows where people have been or subpoena the mobile phones of all travelling Scots and use the geo location records to deal with miscreants who disobeyed her.

To then complain that Burnham is playing politics is a bit rich coming from a lady who has made playing politics an art form. To rub it in she invited Burnham to call her if he wanted “a grown up conversation” about it.

Burnham pointed out that the level of the spread in Dundee is similar to that in Manchester and accused the Scottish government of hypocracy. That would seem to be the case if he is right.

Some Scots will follow the advice from the Scottish government. Many won’t and they won’t because the Scottish government can’t and won’t enforce it.

All that happens is that Scottish government looks as though it isn’t living in the real world!

By the way, has anyone heard from the Scottish tourism minister on the subject?

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