The longest day

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I am not referring to the film about D-Day but the fact that today is the summer solstice or Midsummer’s Day.

Stonehenge Solstice Sunrise (image courtesy Jane Wallace)

We should have more daylight hours – and hopefully sunshine – than any other day but the amount of daylight will vary across our countries. That is provided you live in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere it will be the shortest day.

The media will probably have made its traditional journey to Stonehenge to see revellers (limited due to the restrictions) watching the sum come up over the stones and English Heritage will livestream the event. Tomorrow, weather forecasters will review the day saying which place had the most sunshine hours.

For the travel industry it is less appreciated probably because they don’t realise the significance.

Over the years is the weather is fine over most places and images appear in the media showing full seaside resorts and busy outdoor activities it encourages more people to get out and enjoy the nearby destinations.

That is usually the case but this year – like last – is different.

It doesn’t need a particular day to get us to go out. Having been restricted for so long, the desire to get out and enjoy the countryside, the beaches, the towns and even the cities is widespread.

You can cram more into one single day because there is so much more daylight.

Except you can’t!

Heritage sights lock their gates at the same times as the day before and the day afterwards. National Trust properties follow the same pattern as do country parks, retailers and those leisure centres that are allowed to open.

Only the imaginative take advantage of today and turn it into a way of attracting more people by staying open later, opening earlier or putting special events on.

Others are missing a trick.

At a time when we want to get out and need little reason to do so, why aren’t more tourist related organisations taking advantage of the day?

If their PR companies can dream up specialist days like National Selfie Day and National Seashell Day, both of which occur today, why can’t we make more of a genuine special day – Midsummer’s Day?

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