The confusion of overseas travel

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Yesterday morning, both the Telegraph and the The Guardian were running stories that are the same although it looks like the Telegraph picked up the story first. that both newspapers with almost opposing agendas ran the same story suggests that there is likely to be more than a grain of truth in them.

What shall I do about an overseas holiday? Image – Musée Rodin

Both are suggesting that the government is considering removing the quarantine on those people holidaying in amber list countries and who have been double vaccinated. Those not having had two jabs will still face quarantine restrictions on re-entry into the UK.

If true and if the government does decide to take this step then this will open up the overseas holiday market except for one thing; – the entry policy of destinations.

But around midday yesterday the BBC ran a story saying that those people that had received two jabs wouldn’t be allowed to evade quarantine if they travelled to amber countries.

Confused? Who isn’t?

This week, France, Gibraltar, Ireland and the Netherlands have all tightened restrictions on Britons entering their countries. at present those restrictions look short term ones but the one thing that holidaymakers have learnt in the last year or so is that things happen quickly.

Other countries might follow the lead of the Netherlands as I suggested on Tuesday because they are all concerned about the delta variant and it spreading in their countries.

Flicking through the news channels, Kirsty Gallacher on GB News was (this is the gist of it not her actual words) saying that travelling abroad had so many issues that she couldn’t be bothered to deal with it and would holiday in the UK.

For many this is becoming the reality.

Holidaying abroad is rife with problems and that could be why Ryanair and the Manchester Airports Group  (which owns Stansted and East Midlands as well as Manchester airport) is taking the UK government to court about how destinations are put into the different traffic light groups saying that the policy isn’t transparent.

How quickly there will be a ruling?

Until then, us ordinary mortals will just have to make our own minds up as to how much inconvenience and cost we can put up with before deciding on whether to holiday at home or go abroad.  

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