What Brits miss most about summer holidays

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My Baggage has asked their customers what they have missed most about travelling abroad for a holiday, and what they are most looking forward to once travel restrictions ease.

One smell from summer I don’t look forward to. Suncream!

This is the list;

  • The first wave of heat when you step off the plane
  • The breakfast buffet and toast making machine
  • The freedom to go wherever you want and no need to check the time
  • The smell of suncream
  • Visiting an attraction and going on excursions
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • The excitement of exploring a new place
  • Doing the first food shop in a local supermarket
  • Listening to the sounds of a different place (e.g. waves, birdsong, silence, etc.)
  • Swimming in the warm sea
  • The mental break from everyday life and not thinking about work
  • Jumping in the swimming pool
  • Experiencing in a new culture and trying new food
  • Making memories with loved ones
  • The morning race to secure the all-important sun lounger
  • Getting ready for the evening meal and eating Pringles in the hotel room after a long day in the sun
  • Buying random flavours of Lays crisps 
  • Playing cards and having a drink on the hotel room balcony

Would they be on your list?

Certainly not on mine would be the smell of sun cream. In fact it’s a aroma that I wouldn’t want to smell too often. Nor does the aroma of a toast making machine appealing in the context of a holiday. What’s the difference between that smell and the one in your own home?

And as for the race to get to the sun lounger before anyone else beats me to it, well, that says it all. My Baggage seems to just have the beach goers as its principal clientele! There’s nothing wrong with that except they aren’t representative of the whole travel and holidaying public.

Different places leave me with different memories and I doubt whether I could pick many all-embracing ones that would cover different destinations.

In Hawaii it was the smell of frangipani at midnight or the very early morning. In Paris it is freshly baked bread rolls whilst in Lanzarote it is the black sand underfoot.

Venice is the sight of the first vaporetto and in Sydney it is the bridge over the harbour and catching my first Manly ferry of the visit. In Chicago it is the sight of the old wooden buildings by the side of the track as I journey into downtown and in Nuremberg it is the smell of sausages at lunch time. At Lavernock in South Wales it is the smell of the rockpools and in Folkestone, the smell from the sweet shop as they make toffee in long, elongated strips on the machines in the window.

And going back to a different era it was the smell of the steam engines because I knew then that we were really going on our summer holiday.

Memories mean so much but are different from person to person. What are you missing?  

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