What is a “best beach”?

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In a recent survey, holidaycottages.co.uk used the results to conceive a beach index to help visitors to find the best beaches across the UK to meet their needs. The tool allows users to search by county or beach, and filter by various criteria including: the availability of parking, toilets, lifeguards, cafes, water quality, accessibility, water sports availability and whether the beach is dog-friendly all-year round or seasonally. 

image of Rhossili in Gower
Rhossili won the Gower is overlooked in this list of best beaches

The index was created by collating data on over 400 beaches across England, Scotland and Wales, and ranking them on each of the individual factors listed above.

You may notice, however, that there is no category for beach quality or whether it is sand or pebbles or anything about the dimensions of the beach.

How can you rate a beach without considering the type of beach it is? Surely the choice of a beach is substantially due to the type of beach rather than something like water sports availability?

There are many more than 400 beaches in the UK so, by necessity, Holiday Cottages has had to be selective in which ones it had to include.  But, checking the beaches that have been included, I find it strange that one beach that isn’t included is Rhossili on the Gower peninsular in Wales. Since TripAdvisor has called it the ninth best beach in the world you thought that this might appear in the list.

But then, as readers know, surveys of this type are put together often just to get the names of the companies commissioning the wok into the media. In that the company has been successful, at least in the case of Just about Travel.

But it also shows that readers should be careful about believing all they read without looking at how the survey was put together and how it was interpreted.

Having said that, the choice of beaches making the top ten is one that people could argue about as some will decide that their favourite beaches are better than others they see on the list.

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