Cruise but stay on the ship?

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Another country, Barbados, welcomed back ships docking on the island provided that passengers were fully vaccinated.

one of the Celebrity cruise ship fleet that will accept non-fully vaccinated passengers

Back in January when Saga Cruises announced that only those passengers that had received the full course of vaccinations would be allowed to travel, they were followed by other cruise lines who decided that this was the way to re-start their businesses.

One of those that followed was Royal Caribbean.

But now it has changed its mind and announced that passengers will be allowed on board if they have received a negative test result.

Almost at the same time as the Barbadian announcement, the Celebrity Millennium – a ship part of Royal Caribbean group fleet – docked in Barbados to much fanfare and welcome from the tourism and maritime ministers. All 500 on board the ship had been fully vaccinated said one report as had been the crew but another report said that only 95% had been vaccinated.

What does Royal Caribbean’s announcement mean now?

Will the Celebrity brand only allow fully vaccinated passengers whilst the Royal Caribbean brand will follow the new policy? No, it lloks as though the 95% will apply to both.

This percentage comes on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which says cruise ships can sail this summer from U.S. ports with strict health and safety guidelines, one of which is the vaccination of 95% of passengers and crew members.

And what would be the reaction of those destinations that say only fully vaccinated passengers can enter? Will it say that passengers who haven’t been fully vaccinated cannot disembark? Will it place restrictions on the remaining passengers?

More to the point what will be the reaction of other passengers – those that have been fully vaccinated? Can they refuse to sail on a ship with passengers who haven’t received the full dosage? Will Royal Caribbean allow them to switch cruises to cruises where all passengers have to have been fully vaccinated? What rights have passengers got if they decide not to travel on a ship with some negatively tested passengers?

As yet, there is nothing on the Royal Caribbean website explaining this about turn?

But posted on June 5th on the Celebrity Cruises website is a note that says that it will sail with only 95% of passengers fully vaccinated.

That won’t be good enough for some passengers. The reason they booked in the first place was because they were told that all would be vaccinated. as such the contract details have changed and passengers should be allowed a change as well.

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