Nottingham Castle re-opens

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Only a fortnight to go and Nottingham Castle will re-open to the public.

Nottingham Castle. always associated with Robin Hood

On June 21st, we will be able to see what £24 million has achieved in turning the castle into what the staff a calling “a world class tourist destination.”

Forever linked to Robin Hood and a wicked sheriff who lived at the castle and kept the gallant Anglo-Saxons repressed, the truth is somewhat different. Very different! But it is the legend of Robin Hood that attracts people to the castle.

The investment hasn’t found the bones of Robin Hood or any of the various sheriffs that served at the supposed time Hood lived.

What the investment has allowed is to remodel and reveal more of the medieval site giving views across the city, and to develop a new visitor centre allowing for a year-round outdoor events programme.

An interactive Robin Hood Gallery has been added to the Ducal Palace, which will be returned to its 19th-century layout.

The caves underneath the castle are extensive and supposedly provided the opportunity for people loyal to Edward III to enter the castle and end the regency of Edward’s mother and Roger Mortimer. Now there will be an animated tour of the caves, which has improved access, including to some parts never before seen by the public.

The ground-floor displays in the 17th-century Brewhouse Yard cottages will also be improved, and the cottages will be the welcome point for visitors arriving at the foot of Castle Rock.

After closure for three years, the castle will help Nottingham attract more tourists to the city. They just won’t find what many will come for; the hero of taking money from the rich and giving to the poor, the man who fought against Prince John and the wicked sheriff and figure that has spawned countless legends, films and television series.

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