I got it wrong!

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In my piece yesterday I suggested a few destinations that might be added to the green list.

the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Isreal is a country on the green list but the wailing may be due to the travel industry!

Every place I suggested was wrong! No destination was added to the green list at all.

And, worst of all for the travel industry, Portugal was downgraded to the amber list meaning those holidaying there now will have to self-isolate on their return. Unless they can get back before Tuesday

Needless to say the travel industry is apoplectic suggesting that this could be a nail in the coffin for them.

Referring to the decision about Portugal, the easyjet boss, Johan Lundgren, called it a “shock,” a “blow” and that the move was not “justified by the science.”

Among his other charges were that the UK government is making it impossible for airlines to plan and that the decision “essentially cuts the UK off from the rest of the world.”

BALPA – British Airline Pilots Association – expressed its  “utter dismay” and said, “our airlines need this summer season if they are to survive.” That statement was issued by the union before the Portugal move was announced when it believed that no countries would be added to the green list.

What it thinks about the Portugal decision can only be guessed at.

Jet 2 said, “…we simply cannot understand why more destinations across Europe, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are not allowed to open to UK holidaymakers.”

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), said the British government was taking an “overcautious approach.”

In fairness to the government, it had said previously that it would not hesitate to move countries into amber and red and that is exactly what it did – not hesitate.

In retrospect, On the Beach’s decision to stop selling any May and June holidays was the right thing to do. At least it won’t have annoyed customer with which to deal. Jet 2 has also said that it won’t restart flights and holidays until July 1st apart from flights to Jersey which start a week earlier and to Turkey which will be in late July.

The decision means that the remaining countries on the green list that are easy to get to, Gibraltar and Israel, could do well.

On the other hand the decision yesterday has probably meant that many potential holidaymakers will have said that enough was enough and they will forego overseas travel in the summer.

The news has also made me realise that I better stay away from forecasting for a while. So many of us got it wrong!

In another three weeks, 24th June, we will go through the same procedure again. But will it be too late to move planes around, book hotel rooms for passenger demand and put them on sale for July and August? That is, if anything gets moved into the green list

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