Going to Portugal in June

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Guess what starts on Monday in Portugal?

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If it isn’t one thing its another © Dan Sperrin

A strike by Portuguese immigration officials!

You couldn’t make it up could you? A destination – a plum destination for British holidaymakers – seeks as many Britons as possible and is then handicapped by a strike which, if it is effective will delay incoming and outgoing passengers.

It will affect those over there for this bank holiday weekend and it will make life irksome and tedious for those who booked holidays over the half term as well.

Until it starts on Monday we won’t know how irksome it will be.

The advice – as is usual in these cases – is to allow more time to get through Portuguese airports, ports and border crossings.

Meanwhile anyone connected to tourism in the country must be wondering what can happen next? They were so delighted that Portugal was the only major nearby holiday destination on the UK’s green list that they were hoping for a large upturn in tourism revenue and holiday numbers. Now they will have to deal with complaints from holidaymakers and hope that the inconvenience will be minor.

Will it deter people from booking holidays in Portugal and its islands?

Probably only by the ones that are already cheesed off by the hassle of going abroad in the current wave of restrictions.

After all that holidaymakers have had to put up with in the last eighteen months, some more airport hassle is unlikely to put off those that we are told are anxious to get way – the pent-ups.

For others it will be the final straw

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