Passenger COVID-19 Charter

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The government has published its Passenger COVID-19 Charter which gives guidance to the rights that passengers have during the present situation.

At your destination be aware of the local rules on distancing, curfews (if any) and mask wearing

It acts as a guide to what you should do before holidaying as well and in particular reminding you that more than ever you should read the terms and conditions to understand the impact if your plans change, such as in response to changes in restrictions or travel guidance.

Travel insurance is essential but insurers are offering different features so check that your insurance does cover things. For example, if you have had COVID-19 an insurer may view it as a pre-existing condition and not cover you.

It also reminds you that you and you alone are responsible for making sure you have the correct documentation. Get it wrong and at the least you will be delayed; at worst you may be denied aircraft boarding or have to take more expensive tests.

With so much paperwork to check, it reminds you to allow more time for your journey both in the UK at the departure airport or port and at your destination airport or port.

Please remember that the rules of one home nation may not be the same as the others so if you are travelling from one to another to go on a holiday, check what rules apply.

Perhaps the most important thing is to stay in contact with whatever company you used to book. We all remember the hubbub last year when restrictions were quickly altered stranding people or causing a scramble to come back. Make sure you have contact numbers when abroad.

If you have an ATOL bonded holiday or think you have one ask for an ATOL certificate if one wasn’t automatically sent to you.

If the holiday gets cancelled or delayed then the rules applying to what many readers call EU261, still apply and you are entitled to food and drinks if delayed for a while and a refund if cancelled.

It would be nice to think that holidays will continue this summer quietly, without problems, without fuss and with no need to look at the charter. But…

It pays to prepare in advance!

To read the charter in full, click here or go to

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