International Museum Day

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Today, 18th of May, is International Museum Day.

Poole Museum wants to attract you with Wallace & Gromit. Image – Poole Museum

In this, the 44th year of celebration of the role of museums perhaps this is the one which will be the most watched to see whether people respond and enter museums and galleries again after such a long time away.

After such a long shutdown will people feel comfortable entering museums again? Can queues that might arise from social distancing out people off from visiting other museums? Can museums generate sufficient throughput of ventilated air to adequately remove risks.

These are just a few of the questions museum keepers and tourist boards will be asking themselves once the intial rush to visit is over.

The key to this week is enticing people in with iutsanding exhibitions especially for museums outside the main metropolitian areas.

If you are looking for a museum visit don’t just head for the big, main city ones; they all need your support so look locally first.

And the V&A in Dundee is making the most of it by combining the fact that museums are re-opening with another eagerly anticipated event of the week – the opening of night clubs with an exhibition called Night Fever: Designing Club Culture.

Not all museums opened yesterday, so do check on opening dates before travelling.

Poole Museum, for example, opens on the 22nd of May with an exhibition celebrating animation from film to game design, and shows how an initial idea develops into a finished moving image. The exhibition features household names including Miffy, Beatrix Potter and Aardman so this should be of wide appeal to children and all Wallace & Gromit fans.

The Museum of Norwich doesn’t open until the 22nd of May either.

Manchester Museum won’t re-open until tomorrow and the Hepworth in Wakefield won’t open until May 21st. Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery opened today

Later this week, the European Museum of the Year Awards will be handed out, not just for this year but for last year as well since lockdowns precluded winners being decided.

The main award, the European Museum of the Year (Emya), was won by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, which is in Leiden in the Netherlands and which has one of the world’s largest natural history collections, Netherlands, for 2021. For 2020, the winner is Stapferhaus in the Swiss city of Lenzurg, Switzerland, for 2020.

In the UK, the Art Fund Museum of the Year will be announced later in the year.

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