No summer 2021 holidays on sale

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The surprise yesterday was not that Tui said that total summer bookings were down 69% due to continued uncertainty over travel rules after consistently telling us that sales were increasing by umpteen percentage points but that On the Beach has decided not to sell any more 2021 summer holidays at all. (You can read the full statement by clicking on the link above)

the company thinks bookings will remain weak for a while

And the online travel agent’s decision doesn’t just relate to holidays in the amber and red lists of countries but in the green as well.

Why have they taken such action?

Because of “continuing uncertainty around international leisure travel” the company says.

The boss of On the Beach, Simon Cooper said: “in the same way that 85% of consumers don’t want to book travel to Red or Amber destinations because there is no guarantee they will turn Green in time for their holiday, equally there is every possibility destinations designated Green will turn Amber or Red prior to customers’ departure. Given this, there is too much uncertainty for us to take new bookings with confidence that they will go ahead, or for us to know the potential inconvenience and incremental costs of taking holidays to either current Green or Amber destinations.”

Simon Cooper who made the surprise announcement yesterday

On the other hand, easyJet Holidays and TUI are even selling holidays to amber and red countries which now seems a rather courageous action just as it ight be a courageous matter for anone to actually buy holidays in those categories.

On the Beach has announced it will take bookings for holidays from September onwards.

That a company which is one of the very biggest of holiday providers to the UK market has adopted this policy tells us a number of things.

The first is that it sounds as though sales haven’t been that good. If they had been, the company probably would have continued selling. It seems to confirm Tui’s announcement that sales weren’t up to expectations. All the hype we have had over the last few months about summer bookings might have have just been to persuade us to book by suggesting everyone else was booking!

Secondly that such a large company has written off the summer holiday market should tell us lesser mortals that if On the Beach has doubts should we be so ready to book? Wouldn’t it better to wait for an overseas holiday when vaccination rates are higher and the Indian variant is understood a little better?

easyJet Holidays and TUI are even selling holidays to amber and red countries

The last thing any holidaymaker wants is to have to scramble back on any flight they can get in order to avoid an enforced quarantine, to go into quarantine or to be marooned abroad.

What’s the betting that when this news is more widely spread, bookings drop even further?

It looks like autumn or winter would be a better time for an overseas holiday.

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