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The more I think about the action of On the Beach in deciding not to sell any more summer holidays and Tui saying that total summer bookings were down 69% due to continued uncertainty over travel rules, the more I think that we potential bookers have been led down the garden path.

Perplexed. Are overseas holiday bookings good or not © Dan Sperrin

For months we have been fed (alright me which I have passed on to readers) stories saying that there was a pent-up demand, bookings were up by so many percent and that we need to book soon.

It’s beginning to sound like hype. The travel industry has always been able to put on a positive show when it wanted to and that just may be what it has been doing for the last few months.

On the Beach has rather blown that approach out of the water.

Yes, staycations are doing well and it looks like round Britain cruises are getting business but overseas holidays?

Given the rules, the cost of testing and the restrictions imposed by the destinations we want to travel to, it looks like the Great British Public has backed away from a summer holiday.

When Tui announced that winter 2021/22 breaks were up 17% on the same period in 2019 as of May 2nd, it could still mean that bookings will drop right away the closer we get to the time.

Tui also says that it has 2.6 million customers booked for this summer (that’s not Britons, it is customer from all countries) and then goes on to say that this is “slightly lower” than the figure it provided to investors in quarter one. Therefore it hasn’t put on any increase in bookings but has actually seen a decline in the last three months.

Tui and easyJet Holidays’s bullish confidence may not be widely shared.

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