A new Gehry tourist attraction

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The architect, Frank Gehry, at 92 still designing striking buildings – has been working on a project in the US city of Philadelphia. That officially opened last Friday – May 7th.

the Williams Forum Image – Philadelphia Museum of Art

Just like many of the buildings with which he has been involved, it will become a tourist attraction just like the Guggenheim in the Spanish city of Bilbao has become.

The building is the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

In the museums’ words, Gehry has been involved with the “renovation, reorganization, and interior expansion of the museum” which has taken four years and that is on top of the planning process which was another sixteen!

Vitra Design Museum. Image courtesy of the museum

Overall there is more space, the building is now lit by more natural light and more space has been found for galleries.

Gehry may not be well-known to some readers since he has few buildings to his name in the UK.  In Europe his first building was the Vitra Design Museum in southern Germany and that didn’t open until Gehry was 60.

Maggies centre in Dundee. Image – Maggie’s

His first building in the UK was for Maggie’s Centres in Dundee when he was in his mid-seventies. The second was a temporary structure at the Serpentine Gallery in London and his third? It could be part of the Battersea Power Station complex but so much has been suggested and not completed that who knows if that will come to pass.

Guggenheim – Bilbao. Image © Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

But In Europe it is the Bilbao Guggenheim that people know and that is typical of his free-flowing style. Why so little of his work is in the UK is hard to understand so, unless you go to Dundee it will be an overseas trip that you will have to make to see his work.

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