How overseas travel might re-open

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The EU has consistently said that its borders would re-open to overseas holidaymakers and that includes Britons for summer. But many thought that the re-opening would be combined with the launch of the EU green digital certificate or health passport as many will call it which is scheduled for June.

The NHs proof of vaccination card with details on the reverse side

But Italy is breaking ranks with the rest of its EU partners and has said that it will drop quarantine requirements as from 15th of May which is next week.

The Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, wants the Italian version of the health passport ready in the next week or two so that people can travel more easily earlier than the EU is planning.

Italy will probably not be alone in their action.

Earlier this week, Portugal’s tourism minister, Rita Marques, told the BBC that “…we are ready to welcome you when you are ready to come,” Although she said that “The rules will be quite simple.”  She also said that visitors will have had to be vaccinated or that they must produce a negative test result..

Now that Italy has made the first move, Portugal might simplify its plans to fit in.

Malta has said that from the 1st June it will ‘welcome passengers from the UK who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the country  without the need for a PCR test and provided that passengers must have received their second dose of the COVID vaccine at least 10 days prior to their arrival in Malta.

But here’s the good news for those wanting to travel as soon as possible. You will only need to show your vaccination card (he one you get after being jabbed) to get entry rather than wait for the app or the health passport.

Will Spain and Greece copy Malta?

Greece’s energetic tourism minister, Harry Theoharis, has been at the head of a charge to attract British holidaymakers and he will want to be on a similar page to Italy. But until May 14th, restrictions apply to foreign visitors entering the country

As it stands at present, the EU has said that it will allow in fully vaccinated non-EU travellers from countries with a “good epidemiological situation” (which is taken to mean an incidence rate lower than that of the Eu as a whole)  but people will have to wait for entry until after two weeks after the final jab has been administered.

Individual countries can strengthen these policies but not dilute them so some will probably insist on a negative Covid test or a period of quarantine.

The EU started discussing opening up to tourism yesterday. The British government will announce on Friday the rules for those travelling abroad.

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