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On this May bank holiday it is raining and windy which is putting a bit of a dampener on all those people who have descended on this little corner of Pembrokeshire to enjoy the long weekend.

Algarve -beach vista
The Algarve in Portugal. Why shouldn’t we holiday in places with low case numbers?

The last couple of days have continued with the fine weather so there were lots of bare arms and legs, sunglass wearing and ice-cream buying.

Walkers, bikers and campervans, cars pulling large caravans have been in abundance and, if the views of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus are heeded then there will be a lot more domestic tourists this year.


Because they are recommending that the government should “maintain restrictions on overseas holidays” after the May 17th date when overseas travel could open up again.

Their reasoning?

That overcrowding at airports has turned them into “a breeding ground for coronavirus,” and that “international standards needed to spot fake Covid test certificates” are not in place yet.

Like everyone the group wants to try and prevent new variants entering the UK and reduce the risk of a deadly third wave and further lockdowns. It is concerned that airports don’t have segregation for passengers arriving from green, amber and red list countries. Instead all passengers mingle although some airports have plans to channel passengers when we are allowed to fly again.

But the group also suggests that, if its recommendations are accepted, reviews should be carried out on a quarterly basis meaning that the next review would be the 17th August, late enough to ruin an overseas summer holiday season for all those who want to get away.

Really! Only each quarter!

Firstly a quarterly review is unnecessarily long time when the public has got used to reviews in weeks rather than in many months and, secondly, how long will people tolerate being nannyed when they have been told that vaccinations allow for more freedom to move around?

People will accept that they cannot travel to certain countries where the incidences are high but to places which have had few cases, where strong health controls are in place and where incidences are below those in  the UK, their patience will wear thin.

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