Well dressing in Malvern

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Today is the opening of the Malvern Well Dressing Festival, perhaps a sign that some things at least are returning to normal.

well-dressing from a previous year

This popular and traditional festival, held from Saturday 1 May to Sunday 9 May 2021, will see up to 49 wells and spouts creatively decorated in the theme of ‘Planets and Stars’.

The annual event celebrates Malvern’s history, from its well-known spring water and Victorian Water Cure to the area’s ancient Pagan traditions.

For those readers unfamiliar with well-dressing, the tradition goes back at least seven hundred years and is designed to give thanks for a steady water supply. With a village well often being the only water supply it was vital that the water continued to flow and that it was pure as it could be. And with the water from Malvern being so pure it is no wonder that bottling took place and that Malvern water is found around the world.   

To dress a well, a variety of flowers and plants will be used thus signifying that they need water to flourish.

Before you go, visitors can view the creations by either purchasing a map from the Malvern Tourist Information Centre for £1 or you can download it at no cost from www.visitthemalverns.org/welldressing

But not everything is back to normal. Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions the Water Festival activities, minibus tours and public well blessings will not go ahead so walking, cycling and driving are the ways to see all forty-nine!

The Malvern Spa Association Summer Exhibition will also be held next week on Church Walk from Waitrose to the Priory Gateway. Visitors will be able to enjoy a range of photos until the end of June and those that have been before will know what a high standard of photography will be on offer.

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