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The EU nations are working on a digital health passport (even if they refuse to call it that, it is what us ordinary mortals will name it) which will cover all 27 nations plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

The EU, like many “health” passports, will carrya QR code.

But the Commission says there has been no contact with the UK government about health passports.

Can this be true?

Whilst it wouldn’t be catastrophic to the tourism industry in the EU if no agreement was reached with the UK it would seriously impact on the economies of certain destinations and some countries. Benidorm is one destination that stresses the importance of British visitors as does the Canaries and Balearics plus Cyprus, Greece and Malta.

Are politicians behaving like spoilt children in not wanting to talk? Are they waiting for each other to blink first? Or was the comment a purely technical one which whilst being true, didn’t give the whole truth and that some conversations are going on? Who knows what is really going on? Certainly not the travel industry!

Has the British government broached the issue about a British health “passport” that can be read by EU airport IT systems? Why hasn’t the EU asked the British government if an EU system can be read by British border authority systems?

Countries are gearing up for international travel sometime from between mid-May. Spain is suggesting sometime in June for opening up and the EU says it is planning for June. That is merely five weeks away. At this rate of contact, nothing will be in place since there is little time to prepare systems.

What none of us want are different systems in different countries. A single unified, world-wide system would be the ideal solution but will that happen?

If the British government hasn’t talked to nations in the EU how do we now that whatever the British government comes up with will be acceptable? But then The Times said yesterday that any British app won’t be ready for May 17th anyway.

On another point, the EU says that it is working with the World Health Organization so that their designed system is recognised outside the EU.

They need to be told that countries decide what is acceptable, not the WHO.

Luckily, a digital health passport won’t be essential to travel. Proof of vaccination or a recent PCR test will probably be sufficient for many places.

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