Rameses II and 21 mummies go on display

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Today, April 18th sees a new display open at the four year old National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation in the Fustat district of Cairo.

the pyramids of Egypt
Now there are more reasons other than the pyramids to visit Egypt

The display is of the twenty-two mummies that were so ceremoniously transported across Cairo just over two weeks ago. The mummies have spent fifteen days in a laboratory undergoing checks and restoration before being made available for the public to see.

Although the museum has been open four years only part of the museum was open to visitors. It fully re-opened on April 4th apart from the section which would house the mummies.

The group includes probably the most successful ruler in ancient Egypt, Rameses II who not only ruled for about 66 years, at a time when lifespan was much shorter than today but solidified Egyptian power and influence in North Africa and the Middle East.

Another of the twenty-two is Hatshepsut, a significant female pharaoh whose mummy was only conclusively identified just fourteen years ago and who significantly improved the wealth of Egypt by building trade ties.

Some Egyptians have criticised the cost of the move a couple of weeks ago with the specially adapted vehicles, the procession and the fanfare. Others point to the media coverage around the world and how much publicity Egyptian tourism will have gained, publicity that would be horrendously expensive if it had to be bought.

In a year when tourism is going to be fought nail and claw by destinations eager to take advantage of the so-called pent-up demand, Egypt has managed to keep itself firmly in the eye by events such as the procession and today’s opening.

And it won’t be long before Egypt gains more tourism publicity when it opens the Grand Egyptian Museum, near the pyramids at Giza. there is no opening date yet but it is expected to open during the summer adding another tourism attraction to a country already boasting so much tourism potential.

Just ten days ago another site, undiscovered for 3,000 years was revealed to the world again.

The Egyptian archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, announced that the ancient city of Aten had been part excavated. Re-discovered last year, only one area containing several neighbourhoods has been excavated so far but this important find will another tourist attraction at some stage in the future to the many Egypt offers to the visitor.

That is when we can travel again!

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