Cutting domestic flights

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There are lots of things done in the name of climate change and cutting CO2 emissions that are more puff than solid.

High speed train services might mean the cancellation of some city pair flights in other countries if they follow the example of France

But a move by the French Assembly to ban domestic flights under two-and-a-half hours will have an effect if it finally passes into law. It is subject to there being a fast rail service in existence already on the same routes.

Connecting flights that entail transferring to another flight at the two Paris airports are still allowed.

But it does also affect one international route Paris to Brussels where high speed rail provides a fast and frequent service.

Shouldn’t the British government look at similar opportunities here so Manchester-Heathrow, for example, would be unlikely to continue, That oulwd open up a number of slots at Heathrow to aid airport expansion to other places.

There used to be ten flights a week to Leeds-Bradford from London a few years ago. Now there are none and a new airline entrant is unlikely especially with the development of HS2. Nor should there be one because the trains are fast and take you city-centre to city centre.

I think there is even a case for ending London to Newcastle flights given the amount of time it takes most passengers to get out to and into from either end.

Travelling to and from London would be the area where removing flights would work. Cross country hops have no high speed rail competition so will survive just as island flights must also continue as a practical way of communication.

Originally, the French Assembly considered banning domestic flights where a train could deliver you in four hours or under. If that idea was adopted in the UK, the Glasgow and Edinburgh services would just survive – until a hyper-loop or magnetic rail system was introduced.

But is the UK even remotely considering imposing such rules? I doubt it.

For all the talk by the government about emissions and climate change something as simple as been done by the French doesn’t seem to be on our agenda.

Unless Boris is saving it for the Glasgow conference later in the year!.

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