Cheaper fares across the pond?

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Back in 2019, Just about Travel wrote that the US low-cost airline, jetBlue, was planning on linking the UK and the USA as from 2021.

Jetblue – coming to the UK this summer?

At the time, there was wonder on whether anything would come to pass because the story of low-cost flights across the Atlantic isn’t one of great success. It goes back to Freddie Laker in the 1970’s and his failure in the face of traditional airline muscle.

Of those that tried it, few had succeeded, the last being Norwegian which currently has suspended all Atlantic flights pending a re-structuring of the company.

Why the attempts to serve the route?

Because the London-New York route is the most lucrative in the world and all airlines would like a piece of the business.

jetBlue thinks it can survive where others struggled.

Now it seems as though it will operate services linking London and the south east of England with the north east of the USA.

A formal announcement by the airline, airports in the UK or the CAA hasn’t been announced but gossip suggests that it has slots at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted available to it.

Why should readers be so interested in  the moves of an airline most have never heard of?

Because jetBlue has been successful, in the US, it has a deal with American Airlines – one of the big competitors across the Atlantic and because it regularly wins plaudits for its attitude to customer service.

Unlike, for example, Ryanair which also has designs on flights to the US and which have come to naught so far, it delivers on customer service making the airline popular with both business and leisure flyers.  

On the Heads for Points website a couple of weeks ago, a comment was posted by someone called “Aceman” who says that on his jetBlue flight a tannoy message made reference to London flights starting later this year.

But since then, there has been no news at all.

As a low-cost airline will the prices be much lower than those charged by the big five – American Airlines, Delta and United from the USA and British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from the UK?

They should be but already you can buy a return flight in August from London to New York for under £600 and in late September for £319. jetBlue will have to better these and that won’t be easy in September especially as the other airlines will react with sales.

If and when a formal announcement is made, it should result in good deals for the passenger from more than just jetBlue

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