Umbrellas and worry beads

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Forgive me, readers, for being a little late with a story from ClubMed which brings to you the souvenirs that is the preferred choice of travellers.

For other continents see the blog. Image – ClubMed

The company has published on its blog, a breakdown by different countries around the world of what visitors to those countries take home as souvenirs.

In Australia, for example, what people return with is a boomerang which is probably what many readers would guess. You might also guess that what people would return with as a souvenir from Belgium would be chocolate.

But what do you think people returning from the UK have taken home as a souvenir? Perhaps a model of a London taxi or a London bus, a yeoman of the guard figurine, a Union Jack fridge magnet or one of those terrible masks of royalty.

But no the choice is an umbrella!

We aren’t told whether it is a plain black one, a golf umbrella, a plastic or cloth one or even whether it is one that says something “I’ve been to Britain and all I’ve brought back is rainy weather.”

But an umbrella Couldn’t they have found something more exciting? Could it be that ClubMed members have tastes different to the rest of us?

Could this be what souvenir hunters bought in the UK?

Still, I suppose an umbrella is slightly better than the main souvenir which is bought by those returning from Greece. There it is worry beads although quite what they were worried sufficiently by to purchase that, ClubMed doesn’t say. Maybe they were worried that they might not be able to return to enjoy themselves in Greece again. Norwegian visitors returned with a jumper which might say more about the climate. I seem to remember that we came back with toy reindeers for the kids.

The choice by those holidaying in Germany was to return with German beer, which again seems fairly unusual given that you can buy German beer in just about any place in the world.

From Egypt, the company says, that people returned with a papyrus and from Tunisia you’d come back with a brightly coloured ceramic bowl. Agreed; I returned from each country with those but with other items as well.

But from Mexico I didn’t return with a libre mask but with Mexican silver and from the USA I didn’t return with sweets nor did I come back from Canada with maple syrup. I did, however, on my first trip to Venice bring back a mask but also a copy of Pickwick papers by Charles Dickens in English, the reason being I couldn’t find a copy in my local bookshop and it is one of the few Dickens books that I can get through from cover to cover!

the pottery of Tunisia is what most holidaymakers choose according to ClubMed

In Malaysia I did buy some pewter but not a toy jeepney (a brightly painted and adorned painted vehicle for moving passengers around) in the Philippines and certainly not origami in Japan. It was a kimono and some green tea sweets which are an acquired taste.

Coming closer to home, I didn’t buy clogs in Netherlands but cheese and nor did I buy a beret in France preferring Chablis instead. I didn’t bring back Lego from Denmark or wine from Cyprus, a rooster from Portugal although come to think of it there is a rooster on a tea towel we bought to dry dishes in the villa we hired for us all. We also didn’t succumb it marionettes in Czechia, pashminas in Qatar or palinka in Hungary.

I think that means I am a bit more individual than some travellers but then I buy the tackiest fridge magnet I can find wherever I go!

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