Tolo for a summer break

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The news broke this morning that the small island of Tolo to the west of the Azores has no experience of coronavirus like the rest of us have endured.

Tolo is trying to hook British holidaymakers for the summer © Dan Sperrin


Because it has never existed amongst the inhabitants. After months of study scientists have determined that the local inhabitants have an in-built resistant to the virus. Despite visits from people who had contracted COVID-19, no local caught the disease.

What it means for Britons is that because vaccination levels are so high – higher than almost everywhere in Europe – the opportunity has come for Britons to holiday in Tolo. The British government could open a travel bubble with flights to the nearest island and thence by ferry where pop-up hotels are being installed.

And not only pop-up hotels. Being an island, water sport activities are being quickly developed, beaches being prepared and facilities being improved. Restaurants, cafes and shops are opening at an astonishing speed in readiness for the influx of British tourists that are expected to arrive after May 17th.

Tour operators in the UK have been block-booking accommodation before their competitors sign up all the available stock. Airlines have planes in hand to link regional airports in the UK with major airports in the Azores from where onward transport to ferry terminals will be provided.

Tolo will appeal to a variety of holidaymakers. Being largely undeveloped, bragging rights for those who travel will appeal to some, whilst the lush environment and sparkling biodiversity will appeal to others. Diving is an attraction around many Azorean islands and many local diving hire companies will relocate some of their kit to Tolo in expectation of a boom in business.

But fishing couild be the most popular attraction. The clear rivers and deep cool inlets attract any number of species giving any fisherman an opportunity open to few.

Unoccupied until the arrival of the Portuguese, there are few heritage sites on the island, the main one being the old fish factory. Known today as Issoélixo, tours of the factory are available.

Holiday and flight details will be issued at midday today

As readers will have guessed it is April Fools Day

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