Will May 17th be the day?

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In the The Observer yesterday was the results of a poll which suggested that 68% of responders have not booked any summer holiday this year, and most of those who have fear they may have to cancel or rearrange.

image of Rhossili in Gower
Rhossili was just one place on the Gower that saw a spike in visitors over the weekend.

The conclusion of The Observer is that people will either stay at home or takes short breaks in the UK.

The newspaper says that people are “pessimistic about the chances of foreign holidays resuming any time soon.”  About a third of all responders believed that they wouldn’t be able to take an overseas holiday until next year. Just 5% said that they would holiday in August this year.

This survey would seem to run counter to those media stories we have all seen about phones ringing off the hook and large percentage increases in business.

Are I comparing eggs with eggs or are there different interpretations?

I am confident that staycations are not only holding up well compared to last year.

This weekend saw Wales open up to self-contained bookings and lots of business was written. There seems little left in August in Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia, the Gower peninsular and other favourite holiday spots. There were more caravans and camper vans on the roads this weekend than the previous one.

In England, the Lake District, the Peak District and some seaside cum beach resorts are also seeing good business.

The newspaper says that only 13% of responders have booked city breaks. It looks as though people are interested in rural breaks and beach destinations.

But the UK doesn’t have a monopoly on these sorts of holidays so why aren’t Britons booking similar holidays abroad?

The paper believes that some of it is due to government ministers dampening overseas travel possibilities. Increases in case numbers in Europe might also be contributing to people’s wariness.

Yet tour operators would have us believe there is this huge pent-up demand to holiday abroad. It is beginning to look like that demand is limited as Just about Travel suggested about a week ago. Certainly books appear to have dropped last week.

It seems that the Westminster government will make an announcement a week today (April 5th) updating us about travel possibilities. Up until that leak, we had been told that April 12th would be when the government’s travel taskforce would report and then we would know more.

Could it be that they are planning to say on the 5th that the May 17th date which was seen as the earliest day we could travel abroad is now to be pushed back into June or later?

The roadmap is still that all adults will have a jab by July. That could still leave an August/September summer holiday season.

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