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It will come as no surprise to readers that caravanning, camping and the motor-home business is booming.

caravan site numbers grow
Caravanners have the luxury of chossing where to travel and aren’t restricted to one or two places

With Wales allowing its residents to travel within the country again as from today, caravan parks were deluged with calls yesterday.

Last summer when staycations become the holiday mode, caravan and campervan sales rose. Pitches for camping were full with some people even camping by the side of the road.

The Caravan Society says that there are over 1 million caravans in the UK suggesting that, on average, 1 in about 50 of us has one. caravan users spend about fifty million nights a year enjoying this holiday option.

As of a few weeks ago, research from the MBH Corporation which owns Robinsons Caravans suggested that, of those people who have already booked a holiday for later this year, 14% have opted for static or mobile caravans in the UK narrowly ahead of the 13% booking UK hotels, and just behind the 16% who have booked cottage stays.

The same research also said that 9% planned to take a caravan holiday in the UK for the first time this year. That is three times the number who took a UK caravan holiday for the first-time last year and, MBH says, points to a boom year for caravans which are set to be more popular for holidays than UK hotels


Because people are worried about coronavirus risks whilst on holiday. It also shows that 41% of people who have already booked their holidays are put off hotels because of worries about being among large groups of people.

statis caravan parks will be busy this weekend in wales confirming the popularity of this holiday type

A caravan offers the security of your own bubble and an ability to decide who and who will not mix with as well as the other obvious benefits which caravanners have been aware of for decades.

Is it any wonder then that Robinsons saw a sales increase of almost a third in the second half of last year compared to 2019 which was, in itself, a buoyant year.

As the interest in this type of holiday grows, the demand for second-hand caravans has grown. As has happened in the car industry, a ready sale of a caravan helps owners move up the ladder or upgrade to a newer model so Robinsons Caravans has successfully launched to help source more used caravans and offer a simple and speedy service to value and buy people’s touring caravans.

Although the research says that about 4% of people are considering buying a caravan, there could be difficulties. Waiting times for a new caravan have jumped from eight to sixteen weeks as demand grows. It could be even longer.

The option might be for those who want to own their caravan to seek a good, quality second-hand one.

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