The ‘North of England City Experience’

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About a fortnight ago, I suggested that rail companies revamp their ticketing offers to encourage more travel when we are able to do so.

TransPennine will enable you to see more of the north with the new rail pass

As a way of generating local tourism I thought the old rover ticket idea should be altered to allow greater flexibility on when to travel.

Hardly had the ink (metaphorically speaking!) dried on the thought than something similar has been announced by a consortium of five northern cities on conjunction with TransPennine Express.

The ‘North of England City Experience’ will encourage travel between Leeds, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle and Gateshead once safe to do so. With staycations at the top of many people’s plans for summer, the marketing campaign highlights the rich variety of experiences on offer in these cities and launches a new rail ticket which makes exploring them easier than ever.

Travellers can begin their journey in any city, and travel to any of the others on 4 days within an 8-day period. The cost of the ticket is just £99, offering much better value than buying individual tickets between different cities. Specific details on when people will be able to travel will depend on Government announcements.

The project is being managed by Marketing Liverpool, on behalf of the five cities, and is funded by the Discover England Fund, managed and administered by VisitEngland.

I would prefer that the travel on any four days was not limited to a period within eight days but something like 21 days or even a month so that people could spend more time in one place if they so wished.

Equally we can’t all travel every second day due to other commitments so be able to travel in a longer period of time would be more convenient and more appealing to us travelling public.

That the Discover England Fund has been used in this way should be keenly looked at by other train companies to open up domestic tourism again.

And in those parts of the country where train services are few and far between, links with bus services to widen the number of places to which we can go  should be considered. It has happened before. Why can’t it happen again.

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