Turkey welcomes all Britons

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In an interview this morning on BBC Breakfast, the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism – Mehmet Ersoy – said Britons would be welcome with or without vaccinations. (The clip will have been deleted this morning so there is no link.)

Looking down on the beaches around Bodrum. Turkey re-opens for British visitors on April 15th without needing a test, vaccination or certificates although it will be another month before we can leaglly go

He was given the opportunity a couple of time by Louise Minchin to confirm that he did mean that after April 15th, Britons would not have to face PCR tests or to be vaccinated in order to travel to Turkey and this was confirmed.

The reason for this decision is because of the high vaccination rate in the UK and the fact that Turkey is also speeding up the vaccination rate of its residents. By April, 20 million Turks could be vaccinated the minister said.

There are some provisos which might derail the ministers thinking. He pointed out that the infection rates in countries would be examined around the date in April and providing the incidence levels were low, then open arms could be extended. The minister thought that given the way vaccination levels were growing in the UK (which he called “impressive) then he was as sure as he could be that entry to all would be allowed.

Thereafter that date in April, incidence levels would be looked at on a daily basis and that would drive Turkish decision-making on who would be allowed entry.

That Turkey is prepared to let people in who have neither been tested nor vaccinated suggests that the Turks think there is little chance of spreading the virus. There is also probably an element of having seen the booking numbers for Britons going to Greece and Cyprus that the Turkish tourism industry didn’t want to miss out on a lucrative summer and autumn. And guess what? Bookings to turkey increased yesterday afternoon.

We cannot travel until after May 17th from England and we don’t know whether the devolved nations will settle for the same date to allow international travel or whether those residents will be allowed to travel later.

Whatever happens, Turkey seems to be bending over backwards to allow any of us to visit the beaches and marinas, the heritage sites and the souks as well as the cities and culture of the country as soon as possible.

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