A budget for travel?

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There wasn’t much of interest to us ordinary mortals in  the budget delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer today.

APD continues to rise both in thes April and April 2022

APD will rise again in April 2022 just as it will rise this coming April meaning we may have to pay more for our flights. That is likely to happen anyway as, after the airlines have held their sales to attract us back to flying again, they will want to bolster the balance sheets. The same will apply to tour operators, cruise companies, hoteliers and any other organisation involved in travel and tourism.

On the plus side, the VAT rate on tourism and travel will stay at 5% rather than 20% for another six months. It will then rise to 12.5% for another six months and then return to 20%. Initially then holidaymakers may see a lower price but there is no compunction for organisations to pass this discount on. Certainly in the few months last year when you could travel I didn’t see much in the way of discounting.

 For those travelling by car, there will be no fuel tax increase but this hardly matters given that petrol and diesel prices are on the rise again.

From the industry point of view, Lord McLoughlin as Chairman of the British Tourism Authority (that is Visit Britain and Visit England) welcomed the features of the budget as they relate to travel. The aviation industry wasn’t as kind in its response pointing out that hospitality and the arts had support packages geared to assisting with their problems but none had been provided for travel.

From us ordinary mortals there is nobody to speak on our behalf.  

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