Fraudsters sent to prison

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Four people from Middlesbrough that tried to defraud  Jet2holidays (click on the link to see images of the four enjoying their holiday) by claiming compensation due to gastric illnesses have been sent to prison by the courts.

Another four get gaol sentences – and deservedly so

Christopher Byng (38), Barbara Byng (64), Linda Lane (36) and Anthony Byng (66),  were convicted of contempt of court at Teesside Combined Court today  after admitting to submitting false gastric illness claims which could have resulted in them getting a pay-out of tens of thousands of pounds, including solicitor costs.

 The Byngs all received prison sentences of up to four months, with Linda Lane receiving a suspended sentence.

The four claimed that they, and the two children they were travelling with, had all suffered with various symptoms, including stomach cramps, sickness, diarrhoea, headaches and hot and cold sweats, as a result of food poisoning on an all-inclusive holiday at the Paradise Lago Taurito & Waterpark, Gran Canaria in November 2016.

The four went to court to claim compensation but during investigations, Jet2holidays discovered evidence which showed the claims were all fabricated.

In addition to social media posts showing the four enjoying themselves, Christopher Byng completed a customer satisfaction survey saying that he was “Very satisfied,” with the choice, cleanliness and quality of meals the hotel offered.

 When asked in the survey whether anyone had been unwell on the holiday he chose not to answer . But he did say that he would “very likely” travel with Jet2holidays again despite claiming in his compensation claim that his “holiday was ruined as a result of the illness.”

All four pleaded guilty at the Teesside Combined Court with the judge saying that the claims were “not merely a case of exaggeration but were a “complete invention.”

By now three of the four will be enjoying a night in the cells and deservedly so.

The Jet2 group have been in the forefront of fighting fraudulent claims and numbers have dropped in recent years as people realised the penalties of trying to fleece tour operators, airlines and agents.

In 2019, Brian Cromby – a claims agent – was sent to prison for a year for making bogus claims. In 2017, Paul Roberts and Deborah Briton were gaoled for similar offences to the Middlesbrough four.

A clampdown by the government has helped as has the ABTA campaign against fraudulent claims.

These four and other idiots who have tried to rip off travel companies deserve no sympathy for they have made life difficult for the rest of us as the reputation of Britons in certain destinations went down. It wasn’t helped by people wandering the streets inciting people to claim.

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