There should be summer holidays

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In his statement to the House of Commons this afternoon, the prime minister, Boris Johnson outlined four steps as the way out of the pandemic restrictions.

No need to clear out suntan lotions. Overseas summer holidays look to be on!

The fourth one which is scheduled to commence around the 21st June is a lifting of international travel restrictions. International travel may be possible from May 17th but I don’t think I would book dates in the middle of May just yet. i would want to see whether the timetabled dates move first.

That should mean that we will be able to take summer holidays abroad provided – and this could be a big if – new strains do not damage the planning cycles and the vaccination rollout continues at the successful rate that it currently does.

But the prime minister’s four point plan relates only to England. In the next few days the governments of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will make comments and possibly issue their own guidelines.

We have learnt from experience that it is unlikely that they will be identical to England. Understanding the differences between what travel we can make in each country will be key. Those of us living in one nation with relations or friends in another will need to understand that the rules of one nation may inhibit travel to another.

The big question is whether you can book an overseas holiday for the summer secure in the knowledge that you will be able to take your holiday.

The answer is that it depends on the country you want to visit. It will set entry rules rather than the UK nations so you need to check what its policies are and what state of lockdown reduction it will be in at the time you want to holiday.

Taking a staycation is probably the surest route at the moment.

As for an Easter break I think people living in England can forget about that. The stay at home rule will still apply it seems but in Scotland and Wales it might be possible for self-contained units to open up again for those people living within that nation. But it could be that a stay local rule might still apply.

I think the statement today also means that May half-term holidays are posssible but risky in England. For other nations their statements are awaited.

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