Vaccination timescales

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Ireland said that it was on target to vaccinate all adults by September. Greece thinks that it can open some parts of the tourism industry for Easter and Wales also thinks that there may be some Easter tourism, Scotland and England are more cautious in saying when they might re-open with the 22nd of February being the day when we may know a little more.

One of the tourist attractions of Palma in Mallorca – La Seu cathedral. Maybe we can holiday there this summer

But the main news was certainly the leaks in the Sunday newspapers saying that new vaccine targets were likely so that the aim was that all over 50’s would be offered a first vaccine dose by April 15th and all adults would have the same offer by the end of July.

This means that all over 50’s and those in the risk categories would have had their second doses by mid-July and all adults would have had their second doses by the end of October.

Is this achievable?

Given the success of vaccination so far even medical experts can be heard of the airwaves saying that we could.

As the Sunday People put it in its headline today, “Free by Summer.”

Matt in the Sunday Telegraph put it in a different way in his cartoon. Using the backdrop of the press conference briefing set, he has a person saying” I am afraid things have taken a worrying turn. The virus is now trying to lull us into a false sense of security…”

The projected vaccination speed-up means that many of us might get a summer holiday abroad after all and not just the over 50’s.

The big question is whether our governments will let us travel to countries where vaccination levels are not as high and whether other countries will want us to visit given the new strains circulating

When all is said and done, it would be a brave government after the problems last year to push the open button too soon.

However it appears that some nations – particularly Greece and Spain – are anxious to resume tourism activity and both countries have compelling arguments. The key seems to be vaccination passports.

Whether you like the idea or not, this seems to be the way forward this year and both countries are in favour.

In the case of Greece it is the low infection rates on most of their islands and the same argument applies to Spain. Last year, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca had low infections and the same can be said for all the Canary Islands. Just opening up those islands as opposed to the mainland would stimulate travel and tourism.

The same could apply to the Azores and Madeira in Portugal. But Portugal also had a much smaller infection rate in the Algarve so holidays might be able to restart there as well.

We probably need another month to judge the summer but the UK is becoming increasingly optimistic.

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