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Whilst some of us have been sitting at home, twiddling our thumbs as another furlough day rolls in, some of us – quite a lot of us, actually – have been trawling the internet in search of places to visit.

Symi Rhodes in Greece. Greece is seeing an increase in bookings for holidays from the UK

Is this daydreaming and something to pass the time or are we really going to book and holiday in them?

According to Sojern, a company that examines online search habits, residents in the UK are the second largest group in Europe after the French who have been investigating different holiday destinations.

The company’s research is based on more than 350 million traveller profiles and billions of travel intent signals across Europe. Remember that “signals” aren’t bookings just searches to see what is available, what prices must be paid and what deals are around.

Comparing habits with those pre-pandemic in 2019, the numbers searching are about the same but this time we are looking at holidays and travel that lasts longer. It says that travellers from France, the UK and Italy are showing the highest levels of regional travel intent for this summer with these three covering around 55% of all searches.

Guess which is the most popular country to be searched?

Yes, Spain!

Of actual bookings being made as opposed to just looking, 46% of all bookings are to Spain.

Greece has also seen a growth in confidence, with 14% of regional flight bookings and Sojern says that Portugal is also showing a deal of interest.

As for the longer duration of the holidays being looked at, the company wonders whether this is due to the lack of holidays taken in the last twelve months and possibly people being allowed to carry unused holiday time over into this year.

Given that this is aggregated research, readers should bear in mind that people’s opinions are changing depending on what they hear about the spread or decline of the virus, whether the South African, UK or Brazilian variants are retarded by vaccines and whatever else the news channels are telling us. Much is based on confidence or the lack thereof.

What does come through though is that the traditional places -Spain, Greece and Portugal – are getting bookings over other destination despite our inability to travel.

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