Campervan holidays boom

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Campervan holidays have been popular for some years. You only need to have visited one of the big shows at the NEC, Dublin or Manchester to have seen row-after-row of the vans and car parks full of drivers coming to view what was new.

One of the campervans. The vast majority are owned by individuals happy to let you rent their vehicles.

Last year saw an eruption in interest for campervan (and caravan) holidays as staycations boomed not just in the UK and Ireland but throughout Europe. The way this year is going, travelling around in your own bubble is going to attract large numbers of people as well. With over 780,000 motorhomes and touring caravans in the UK this form of holiday continues to grow in popularity. Bookings for this type of holiday were up by 35% last year and a similar increase is expected in 2021.

But campervans (and even caravans) can be very expensive for top-of-the-range models.

The solution could be to rent a vehicle for just the few weeks that you need it rather than invest in something that will be sitting outside your house for most of the year.

Take the French company, Yescapa, which links the vehicle owner and the renter, providing insurance, breakdown cover and customer service support. It has more than 10,000 rental vehicles on its files across Europe including the UK.

Only eight years old, in 2020 it was involved in 185,835 campervan rental days. Last year there was a 21% increase in sales overall but in the UK business rose by 30%. This year the company is forecasting a 38% increase on top of that. Operating in over 25 countries it has had nearly half-a-million customers and in its top seven markets the growth in customers has been in double-digit figures.

Those seven countries – France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the UK –are precisely those countries where the majority of British travellers holiday in a “normal” year.

As Benoît Panel, President and Co-Founder of Yescapa says. “The joy of waking up to new scenery and experiences daily is hard to beat and proves addictive to those who try it as a new and different way of holidaying. Privacy and self-sufficiency, plus the wonders of the UK countryside and lesser-known coastal destinations, are powerful plus-points for holidaymakers. We have the perfect opportunity to encourage still more UK holidaymakers to embrace this fun, adventurous and flexible way of travelling.” 

But Yescapa doesn’t just limit holiday travel to the country in which you collect your rental vehicle. With the agreement of the vehicle owner, hirers can leave the country with the vehicle and insurance cover is included.

But if you don’t fancy taking it on the ferry or through the tunnel you could fly to the country where you want to visit, pick up your rental campervan and set off as many owners  offer airport/train station transfers.

It can be as easy as collecting a hire-car. As the market for this type of holiday has mushroomed so the companies providing this type of holiday have grown as well.

Yescapa merged with key French and Spanish competitors in 2019 and they have just bought German competitor SHAREaCAMPER, taking over their German operations (but the company also operates in Australia and New Zealand).

That now gives the opportunity for holidaymakers to widen their holiday scope but safe in the knowledge that they have a home contact they can deal with to make things easier.

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