Seven days to pay up

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Last December, was reminded by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that it must refund passengers for monies paid for holidays which could not be provided. The sums involved were about £7 million

Having treated customers badly, would you book a holiday with again?

Two months later and still has over two thousand customer payments still to make that account for over a million pounds.

The CMA has decided that has had enough and given the company seven days to pay the money or face legal action.

This publicity coming on top of the news in Ireland that Ryanair still hasn’t paid refunds will remind holidaymakers and travellers that some travel companies have no just been guilty of dragging their meet but have moved as though those feet were stuck in concrete.

Worse still for the travel industry is the reminder that the CMA action will re-awaken in any traveller that has forgotten that is they book again for this coming year, will they have difficulty getting money out of travel companies again?

If they do think that it could be that people will be even more reluctant to book until the very last minute when they will be pretty sure that their travel plans can go ahead.

Like all travel related companies, has been hit hard by the pandemic. The company blamed airlines for being slow in returning customer money to it and therefore, you conclude, the company had less funds to repay those who wanted their money back. In addition it is in discussions about another investor taking a stake in the company’s parent.

Whatever has hit hasn’t washed with the CMA and certainly won’t wash with customers.

They will remember and when it comes time to book again they may be a bit reluctant to book and part cash with Other online travel companies or suppliers that have treated customers in a more timely manner might win out so the company needs to start wooing its existing customers in a more friendly way.

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