Will airport expansion slow?

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The French government has decided to cancel the construction of a new terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris which would have enabled the airport to take as many as 40 million extra passengers a year.

How will Air France react to having potential growth at Charles de Gaulle airport stymied?

Why has it done this and what relevance is there to the UK and Ireland?

In an interview with Le Monde, Barbara Pompili who is the not the transport minister nor the tourism minister but “la ministre de la transition écologique” has said such a development is now obsolete.

The minister went on to say that because of changing environmental concerns and, because the government has changed its transport priorities, such an expansion should cease.

She also went on to say that airport development should now be geared to electric or planes fuelled by hydrogen?

Why would how a plane is fuelled alter the need for a terminal? You would still need additional space for passengers if you were still forecasting growth.

Is what the minister really saying is that she sees less demand for airport expansion?

If that is the case, will, other governments in Europe follow a similar path? Could the UK government look at airports around London and decided that because fewer people might travel a new runway at Heathrow is not needed?

Does Ms Pompili believe that more people will use cars rather than risk being herded into planes because a car offers a more acceptable use of social distancing? Does the decision have anything to do with the pandemic at all? Does she think that business travel will decline as more people have found that video conferencing can be almost as efficient and is much cheaper?

The thinking behind the decision of the minister and the French government requires a bit more explanation

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