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You might have noticed it is cold outside In Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands temperature have dropped to as low as -17 which, in my book, is definitely parky.

Castle Cornet on Jersey. The island combines heritage, with seafood cuisine, outdoor activity, beaches and water sports

And despite the fact that it is getting lighter in both the mornings and the evenings, the days have recently been grey and uninviting for outdoor activities unless you like snow.

It then is probably a good time for Jersey in the Channel Islands to remind us all that it saw 2,392 hours of sunlight throughout 2020 according to the Jersey Met Office which was more than any mainland destination saw.

With a milder climate – most of the time – than the mainland, Jersey is one of those destinations which isn’t quite a foreign destination but neither is it the same as the mainland either. It is therefore, an attractive holiday destination because it offers outdoor activities but all within a walkable distance, water sports, heritage, good seafood often with a Jersey twist and it doesn’t take long to get there. Many regional airports have links with the island and, if you fancy a day out, it is a quick hop to France and back.

For many, the fact that English is the language and that passports aren’t a necessity is a benefit so, increasingly, more people are taking short break and holidays on the island.

In this current time when staycations are booming, Jersey has all the benefits of a staycation but it is different.

By reminding us of the amount of sunshine the island gets, Jersey is staking its claim to those people who can’t decide whether a summer holiday overseas is on the cards this year especially with all the potential issues that might come into play like being able to get back easily, quarantine issues, whether travel insurance will cover every eventuality and government ministers suggesting it is too early to decide whether people should book an overseas break..

This year, Jersey looks a much better and safer bet for holidaymakers.

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