Three days is a long time in the COVID- 19 war

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Just three days ago, the vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi was touring the television and radio studios telling us that the UK wouldn’t introduce a vaccine passport as it would be discriminatory to those who hadn’t been vaccinated. Just about Travel suggested that the answer might not be the final one. How right we were but even we didn’t expect the view to last less than 72 hours!

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport

This morning, Grant Shapps – the Secretary of State for Transport – toured many of the same studios and told us that he had discussed the vaccination passport idea with other governments including Singapore about an internationally recognised version.

What we holidaymakers and travellers don’t want is one system for one country and a different one for another. One single world-wide accepted solution is what the travel industry, airlines, and governments should want.

It seems that an app is being developed to do just that. It is to be hoped that other countries will agree on that solution but where politicians are involved who would bet money?

Joined up government or what?  

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