Vaccination may not be the way

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Many, me included thought that after two vaccinations had been received then it would be easier to travel.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney – and Australia as a whole – – may not allow me to visit without quarantining even if I have been vaccinated

Countries such as Denmark, Greece and Thailand seem to be of that view.

But comments from the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, suggests it may not be as I thought.

He said earlier this week that people who have been allowed to enter the country will still have a hotel quarantine at their own expense even if they have had the vaccine.

Is this because no vaccine is 100% guaranteed to ward off the coronavirus and the Australian government does not want to take the minutest of risk?

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly is quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) as saying, “At the moment, that two-week quarantine in hotels has been so successful up till now [it will] remain regardless of vaccination.”

At the moment it is hard to dispute medical advice because other lesser mortals like business people and politicians don’t have these skills.

But how much better can you improve on a vaccination giving over 80% efficacy when, traditionally, percentage levels don’t get much higher and 100% effectiveness is largely unknown?

The world cannot wait to see if 100% is achievable in another couple of years.

Why this Australian attitude concerns me is that it might become the thinking in other countries. Better that it be argued against now than it starts to become the norm by osmosis.

Australia’s tourism industry cannot wait another couple of years before seeing the revenues that tourism brings. It cannot wait until hundreds of thousands more jobs go. As it is there are places, especially in the outback, that rely on tourism for their local economies.

The same applies to other countries where tourism is of significance for jobs and for economies.

Countries need to start planning for what would be acceptable rates to re-open their borders.

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