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The news that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating Teletext Holidays over the company’s refund policy will come as little surprise to the travel trade.

Amazing holiday deals if you can travel. If you can’t the deal to return your money isn’t so smooth say some bookers.

There had been gossip for a while that Teletext was slow in refunding monies to client who had had to cancel their holidays due to the pandemic.

Teletext is only the latest company to get the attention of the CMA. Love Holidays, Ryanair and have all had to promise timely refunds to their customers although the timescales seem generous in a few cases.

As long ago as July 10th last year, Cecilia Parker Aranha from the CMA had written to a hundred travel companies reminding them of the responsibilities in refunding monies if customers requested that option rather than a rollover of their holiday dates. That letter came about after more than 17,500 complaints were received by the CM about the responses from travel companies

All travel companies faced cash headaches as a result of the lockdowns and Teletext was no exception.

The difference this time is that it appears Teletext promised certain customers that they would receive their refunds by a certain date and failed to deliver compounding the already poor relations existing between company and client.

But as Just about Travel has mentioned before ( travel companies cannot refund what they don’t have. They have had to pay suppliers and try and keep their businesses from foundering.

Although the CMA is investigating on behalf of passengers, no independent body is thoroughly investigating the impact on the travel trade. Government support has not been as  generous as it could be and the only thing that many smaller companies are clinging to is the fact that when people can travel overseas again, there is likely to be a big upsurge.

People will then want so see something other than the rooms in which they have lived.

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