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Tourist officials in Kent are going to hate Matt’s cartoon in the Telegraph this morning.

Leeds Castle in Kent duing winter. here you ca visit the dog collar museum. Image – Leeds Castle

Luckily there are fewer readers of the paper than its heyday so it is only irresponsible people like me drawing attention to it that might boost the numbers who will know about it.

As the cartoon will be unable to be seen online after today I shall describe it which does little justice to Matt’s skills.

The cartoon shows a car entering Kent and passing a road sign saying, “Welcome to Kent – the mutant covid strain” with one of the occupants of the car saying to the other, “I think I preferred the Garden of England.”

The cartoon reflects the sudden changing of the name of the variant from the UK variant to the Kent variant which seems very unfair. It was only because the variant was first spotted in Kent that it has now been renamed giving the impression that it is home-grown there. It might just as easily have been spotted by virologists in another county first.

Why then changed name?

I don’t know but it is certainly unfair on Kent.

This “new” name is likely to continue but will it put people off from holidaying in Kent?

Luckily Britons are unlikely to be affected as they will have appreciated Kentish delights ranging from the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway to the revival of Margate, the hop houses scattered throughout the county and the heritage of Canterbury and Rochester.

There are vineyards and gardens, historic homes like Penshurst Place, twenty four castles and Dover is the port most connected to the evacuation of Dunkirk and the white cliffs are know the world over. The Cinque Ports and Chatham are linked to the development of the navy and many other maritime activities whilst the coastline is dotted with welcoming beaches.

But will there be any effect on people from abroad? Will they avoid Kent and drive straight on to the other counties in the UK?

Tourism officials in Kent will be hoping not.

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