Safety drives holiday choices

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From AllClear Travel Insurance comes a study that has tracked consumer sentiment confidence during the pandemic.

social distancing on planes is one concern

At the end of 2020, for example, the results show after news of the vaccine roll-out, that 55% said they would feel comfortable going on holiday in 2021. That comfort was felt in greater numbers by the over 55’s which is perhaps not surprising given that these people would appear in the top seven groups of those people to be vaccinated.

In terms of selecting a destination, 44% said that they would select a destination based on its safety in terms of the pandemic. That can only be based on perception than reality so how a destination presents itself will be important. What people won’t want are headlines suggesting that a destination is doing little to rein in the spread in its country. Brazil and the USA, for example, may not be thought of sympathetically by prospective holidaymakers

The closer the vaccination came, the more open were for people to travel again. The percentage of people looking to book a short haul break doubled from 24% in July to 51% in November and, for long-haul breaks the percentage tripled from, 10% in July to 30% in November. 

I would expect that confidence levels have since increased in January given the comparative success of the vaccination programme compared to other countries.

The type of break that holidaymakers were choosing reflected the impact of the pandemic. The research suggested that staycations rose in popularity – with 17% of those looking to book a getaway opting for a villa or private house, I guess because it meant a lower chance of meeting other people. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that nearly 4 out of 10 people were concerned about social distancing on flights.

But the strongest areas of concern with booking a holiday were not safety measures but a problem connected. This was that 42% of people responding were concerned about the country going back into lockdown and thus causing holidays to be cancelled or postponed.

It would have been interesting to see what the reaction was the imposition of local lockdowns but this does not seem to have been included in the study.

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