easyJet confirms pent-up demand

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All through the pandemic we have been told time and time again that there is a pent-up demand for travel and holidays.

easyJet announces an increase in bookings of 250%

It has been hard to say whether this was the travel trade talking up the market to encourage more of us to book or whether a small increase by fanatical holiday takers was biasing what was really happening.

Now we know

easyJet announced yesterday in an interview given to Radio 4’s Today programme that booking at its holidays’ division is up 250% compared to this time last year.

Given that in January 2020 we were unaware that there would be lockdowns and widespread travel disruption this shows to me, at least, that providing vaccinations are largely completed by summer and that sufficient people take them, there will be a bumper summer holiday season.

However, so that readers do not get carried away, easyJet has been running a sale and bookers will be confident that if they cannot fly for the dates they have booked, they will be able to move the holiday dates without penalty.

The second pause for thought is that there may be a mad rush to start and then all the people who would book will have booked and bookings will drop away.

Thirdly I may be wrong in reading the tea leaves this way..

But don’t listen to an old damp squib like me. This looks good and is the strongest and soundest evidence we have yet seen. If Jet2 Holidays and TUI are seeing the same sort of evidence there will be a great sigh of relief in the travel industry that the confidence of holidaymakers is returning..

All the rubbish about testing being the way forward is patently wrong. The key is vaccination as the bosses of Qantas, Air asia and Qatar Airlines have said. Now the boss of easyJet joins them in saying the same thing.

Here’s a toast to a geat summer holiday season!

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