Blue Monday

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Apparently today, the third Monday of January, is called Blue Monday.

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Think positively. Summer holidays could be back!

Why? Because it is supposed to be when we feel at our most despondent.

Invented sixteen years ago by what is now the television company Sky, the channel folded  eleven years ago but not on Blue Monday.

Probably it was created to garner some publicity for the channel and, in that, it was successful as the name is still around. That academics were offered money to put their names to it rather cheapened the impact.

An academic friend of mine sent me the formula and to me it was gobbledegook and impossible to confirm. He agreed and I thought the day had been consigned to oblivion.

Yet in this pandemic year, it has reared its head although why we want to feel any more despondent is quite beyond me.

Instead let’s consider the good news around.

Despite moans, the vaccination endeavour in our countries is moving quickly in comparison with many countries. The consequence is that many people can see when they can travel again.

Allied to that, last week it has been demonstrated that inhaling a protein called interferon beta reduces the chances of COVID-19 patients needing a ventilator in hospital by almost 80%. Staying with the virus, taking tocilizumab and sarilumab via a drip speeds up patients’ recovery and reduces the length of time that critically-ill patients need to spend in intensive care by about a week allowing patients to return home earlier.

Some scientists are saying that the virus is peaking or has peaked in parts of the UK suggesting that the lockdowns are working. The fact that today there is what some media have called Fortress Britain might help to contain the spread brought in from abroad and, equally, prevent us spreading the virus in other countries.

The Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that all adults over 18 could be vaccinated by the end of June which means summer holidays could be back on for all of us.

Isn’t that cheering news?

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