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The suggestion by Qantas boss, Alan Joyce, that only those vaccinated will be able to fly on his airline touched a nerve with other airlines.

Akbar Al Baker is not just CEO of Qatar Airlines but head of the tourist authority as well

Desperate to find any way to get us to get on planes again, there was criticism of this idea by people such as Michael O’Leary from Ryanair who wanted testing – like IATA and the WTTC – as the way forward.

Now the Qantas suggestion has received backing from two of the best-known and innovative airline bosses. Both Tony Fernandes at Air Asia and Akbar Al Baker from Qatar Airlines said last week that this was the way forward.

And with Joe Biden saying that he planned for 100 million injections in his first 100 days, the big rollout in India and China and the speed with which the UK is vaccinating people it does seem possible that hundreds of millions of people will be vaccinated by the time the busy summer travel season starts.

As long as the manufacturers can produce enough vaccine in the time there is only one fly in the ointment to resolve.

We don’t yet know whether the vaccine protects us from passing the virus on to those who haven’t been vaccinated. That requires some research and might make some countries wary of opening their borders until they have vaccinated most of their adult population.

Nonetheless it should mean that many countries in the world will be open for tourism this summer. Even winter holidays which causes some medical people to cringe because of the way the virus spreads in colder temperatures should be much less of a problem if large chunks of the world’s population have been vaccinated.

Tony Fernandes from Air Asia believes vaccinations are the way forward…
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