Over 50’s lead the holiday charge

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This was the consensus after looking at search and booking data over the last 10-14 days.

Corfu is proving a popular holiday booking destination for 2021

It appears knowing the dates by which the first four or five at-risk groups will be vaccinated have done more to bolster the travel industry rather than anything else including discounting and special offers.


Because unlike anything else tried, vaccinations seem to stimulate confidence about travelling again.

It is therefore unsurprising that it is the over 50’s that are booking because they are the ones in the groups that will be vaccinated first. By the end of Spring everyone who wants a jab in that age group should have had one and many will have had their second one as well.

These people are booking from July onwards so it seems as though many believe they will have had their second jab as well.

July, August and September bookings are looking much better than they were just two months ago.

Where people are booking may be thought to be a little surprising.

Traditional destinations are seeing the bookings. The Balearics, Canaries, mainland Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are in demand. Now all of these places have another couple of things in common. They are relatively close to the UK and they can get crowded.

The information we heard from forecasters about staying close to home seems to be true but another forecast was that people would pick off the beaten track destinations or quieter ones. That doesn’t seem to be the case based on this early evidence.

But many tourist hot spots such as Corfu, Crete and Rhodes in Greece, the Algarve in Portugal or the Canaries and Balearics in Spain were not significantly impacted by the pandemic. Maybe people might be taking into account that the pandemic – last summer – did have little effect as the hotter weather acted to hold down the spread.

But even later in the year when the pandemic might begin to surface again for winter doesn’t seem to be dampening bookings. September and October are growing in appeal by which time most adults would have been vaccinated. That again echoes that there is a return of confidence

It is looking as though there are some people who believe there will be a holiday season this year after all.

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