Naomi Campbell promotes Kenya

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From the Kenyan mainstream press comes the news that the supermodel, Naomi Campbell, is going to promote Kenya.

Kenya – many people view it as just a safari destination. Naomi Campbell may persuade them otherwise

Her title is Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador.

Since Christmas it seems that Campbell has been staying at Malindi, one of the Kenyan resorts that appeals to overseas visitors and which has about a hundred different types of accommodation

Apparently this move has caused a bit of a fuss but I am at a bit of a loss to understand why. That is, unless the fuss has been “manufactured” so that Kenya gets publicity and headlines from around the world.

The fuss seems to be over her as opposed to celebrities that have birth links to the country like Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o,  or two other models, Ajuma Nasenyana and Debra Sanaipei.

Campbell is South London born and, as far as  I am aware, has no Kenyan ancestry.

But does that matter?

What any tourism ambassador has to do is to generate headlines, publicity and interest in the destination they represent.

That I would imagine, Campbell can do very well given her high profile.

I see no reason why the “ambassador” should be a native of a particular destination.

The prime purpose of  such a person should surely be to wax enthusiastically about the destination, to have been there and to genuinely enjoy it.

Whilst a Kenyan may understand the intricacies of life, a convert may be better at espousing the delights because they have chosen to fall in love with the destination and therefore can talk more enthusiastically about the attractions, the sights and why they feel they way they do about it.

Some standard bearers in the past have just taken the money, appeared at a few travel shows and gone on their way and moved to their next job.

At least Naomi Campbell chose Malindi and thus Kenya, of her own accord and therefore must have some affection for the place.

Whilst she has already brought a lot of publicity to Kenya, the tourist authority must be hoping that she will sing its praises over the next couple of years.

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