Don’t discriminate against the unvaccinated

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This is the message from the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Qantas suggested vaccinations would be a precursor to flying. Image – JaT

It has probably come about because Qantas intimated that it would be unlikely to carry passengers on its flights unless those travelling could show they had been vaccinated. Other airlines and countries are looking at the idea seriously as it would allow them to put planes in the skies again.

Nearly three million Britons have been vaccinated – albeit most of these have only had the first dose – and the numbers are rising rapidly in other countries.

According to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker, about 29 million people had been vaccinated by 11th of January and the numbers are increasing quickly.

The more that are vaccinated the more countries are likely to open their borders to those vaccinated and the more quickly tourism and travel can return.

Consequently for the WTTC to blather on about discrimination is to speak against their own best interests which is surely to foster tourism.

The WTTC argues that testing prior to flying should be acceptable but the problem is that you can be negative one day but positive a day or so later. The tests only measure a person’s infectiousness at the one precise point in time. With the vaccination there is less likelihood of passing the virus on but, it has to be admitted, it is not 100% effective but what is?   

Yes, the vulnerable groups are those that will be vaccinated first leaving the younger age groups way down the list. But they will be offered jabs as well. By the autumn, the UK says it will have vaccinated all those of its residents that want to be vaccinated. As for those not wanting to be vaccinated surely it is better to protect the majority?

Since politicians in the main control whether borders are opened and whether people can travel, what politician is going to say that non-vaccinated people can travel even if it means that they spread the virus? Very few which yet again shows the strange thinking in the WTTC especially since it is run by a former politician and ex-tourism minister as well.

With such thinking countries might wonder why they should be members of the WTTC in the first place.

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