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TravelMole has polled travel agents and found that almost a quarter of those surveyed said that they won’t be happy to travel again even after they’ve received the Covid vaccine.

An old BA image from safer times. We want to know that the travel industry is confident about a return to travel

TravelMole is a daily e-letter to a large amount of the travel trade in the UK providing them with industry news across all sections of travel.

The fact that it has found such a large proportion of travel agents who remain nervous won’t instil holidaymakers with a massive amount of confidence so that is somewhat confidence boosting. Nonetheless almost a quarter is concerning. If the figure had been just a couple of percentage points or even five , you could dismiss the numbers as being close to negative figures pollsters get when asking any questions. That it is four to five times the figure requires some answers.

Questions I should like to understand include when the survey was undertaken. If it had been just after lockdown was announced then there would have been an element of bias which requires quantifying. If it had been after the government announced that the daily case load had reached over 60,000 then, again there could have prompted some responses that need investigation.

If the question had been worded badly or prefaced with a statement that slanted the question then it would help to know.

Could it be something really simple in that those with doubts were more likely to respond rather than the “average” travel agent?

But TravelMole has run polls many times and introducing bias is probably unlikely.

Therefore this poll answer is not what the industry or the public would want to hear. They want to know that will be safe to travel after vaccination.

Perhaps a follow up survey should ask why responders are wary. Could it be that destinations to which they might go do not seem to have such a rigid approach to health care as happens in the UK? Is it because the two new strains seem to transmit faster and, although the vaccines are thought to be able to deal with them, travel agents have doubts?  

Whatever the explanation of this polling us, some further examination is required to understand why such a large number of travel agents have taken a view that will damage the industry in which they work.

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